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Antibacterial stickers for door handles and frequently used surfaces, as well as more
products to help you run your business (and life) in a smooth and safe manner.

We’ve created, as well as gathered some useful products to help you run your business (and your life) in a safer manner without the hassle. Azo offers you options for self-cleaning antibacterial vinyls which can be used to cover frequently used surface such as door handles and phones and busy touch points. We can print and cut to virtually any size and shape and we have samples available at our Holborn office.

We’ve also created safety signage to help guide your customers and staff and make them aware of social distancing rules. 

We offer standard safety products like hand wipes and hand gel which can be for personal use or distributed to staff members and clients.

There is even an antibacterial laminate you can inquire about here.


All our products are customisable and can be printed with your own branding to help create brand awareness while keeping your customers and employees safe.

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