Versatile paper with a range of weights and finished with a glossy sheen that’s not overwhelming but noticeable when rotated.
120 gsm - It’s lightweight mobility makes it suitable for the inside pages of fashion/product magazines. It’s also useful for quick hand-out documents in a business meeting.
160gsm/200gsm – Great for flyers that need to be more durable.
300gsm/350gsm – Much sturdier and stronger, decreasing the possibility of unwanted creases. For that reason, it is ideal for postcards and invitations that will be kept as mementos as well as informative devices. Receivers can place them in their pockets without damaging them through unwanted bend.

Cocoon / matt uncoated 

This is a matte alternative to Satin ProDesign. It still maintains the same quality but is more accident proof and has other characteristics that make it a great alternative. Function: 80gsm – Our lightest paper, great for newspaper type prints, wrapping paper and other lightweight projects. 120gsm- Great for lightweight business documents that are passed around a room. Due it being more matte, it’s resistant against finger marks. 160gsm/200gsm- A middleweight option is good for photographs that require framing. The glass in the frame is already shiny, therefore using a glossy texture would overdo the reflectiveness. It’s also thick enough to manage comfortably when placing in the frame. Also a good choice for portfolio that benefits from a lack of shine distraction; allowing the artwork to breathe. 300gsm/350gsm- Perfect if you’d like to deflect dust and fingerprints from your business cards. This means that they will remain in mint condition and stand out for being clean in a client’s rolodex. Lamination can be added for extra protection.

400 gsm Perfect Image

Standard thickness of business card. Very durable and radiates an official status. It will stand out against thinner cheaply printed cards and its surface allows the chance for elements to be embossed, debossed and foiled. Perfect Image is also has a slighter deeper texture, compared to the Satin Colortech options.

Conqueror High White


An off-white colour making it appropriate for designers that want to be a little different but transmit a modern, not-too-striking appearance. A horizontal pattern on the texture gives it a warm touch.

Conqueror Cream

Great for posters or photos that require a vintage look. Wedding invitations are also made more unique with this colour, as they avoid the conventional white hue that’s expected.

Sticker/Adhesive Backed


The purpose of this paper is for use on labels. Due to it being peel-back, it’s easy to apply this for branding or advertising projects. It also contains a shiny texture that enhances presentation.



This has a stronger white texture compared to Oxygen, therefore giving off a cleaner and smarter appearance. A good option for businesses in medical sectors and individual perfectionists. Ideal if “clean” and “reliable” are the message you are attempting to convey.

Peregrina Majestic – Marble White 

This has a more solid matte silver look compared to Shyne Luster. It’s refined yet smart. Ideal for dinner party or business convention invitations.

Shyne Luster 


A rich feeling is felt with this style of paper. It has a noticeable rainbow-like shine when interacted with. Perfect for any design that wishes to promote luxury or valuable experience, such as an invitation to a thank-you ball or a poster campaign for a long-running brand.

Marina Conchiglia


It has the kind of texture you’d expect on aging drawings and paintings, therefore it’s also great for recreating old artwork from scan to print..

Pergamenta Naturale 


A cloudy grey finish. This presents a rough, concrete and granite hardness but is also reminiscent of schools, discipline and education. For that reason, it embraces authority and is appropriate for business meeting stationery that needs to be taken seriously.

Woodstock Betulla 


A flat yet flakey appearance that mimics little hairs or small crayon marks. It’s appropriate for giving that child-like innocence to a design. It also gives a sepia tone to black and white photography.



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